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The list of professional publications covering (wholly or partially) the area of biomechanics and mechanobiology published in the Czech Republic:


Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Gymnica

(indexed in SCOPUS)


Bulletin of Applied Mechanics


Engineering Mechanics


Applied and Computational Mechanics


Journal of Applied Biomedicine

(indexed in JCR and SCOPUS)


Physiological Research

(indexed in JCR and SCOPUS)


Biomedical Papers

(indexed in JCR and SCOPUS)


Chemické listy

(indexed in JCR and SCOPUS)


Ceramics – Silikáty

(indexed in JCR and SCOPUS)


Locomotor System - Advances in Research, Diagnostics and Therapy

  (excerpted in Excerpta Medica, every contribution is reviewed)